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PERSONAL TRAINING is an instructed gym workout. With a PT you can make your training easy

and efficient with the right results without having to worry whether you are doing the right kind of workouts. A PT is your personal trainer and helps you to achieve your goals. All our personal trainers are professionals and have real training and long term experience with clients to make your journey the best it can be.

Bull`s All Out

BAO, Bull´s All Out is Jari Bull Mentulas coaching method that brings its participants as far as their own goals and imagination can take them. BAO is in strong partnership with Power Gym and you can get your BAO memeberships from us with special offers. Our gym includes its own BAO World area which won´t leave you cold.

Bull´s All Out is a community in which everyone can be themselves and improve themselves day by day. Learning is progress and this is the base of BAO . Whether you´re interested in BAO online coaching, email us at



Through a massage, your body is able to relax and helps you to recover from your workout. Many members have taken massages as a part of their whole well-being journey. Choose the best care for yourself, a 30 min. upper body massage to release tension or enjoy a longer full body massage.

Would you like to be our masseur?

We´re offering a fully equipped massage room with an electric massage table, office equipment and a ready made client list.

Our former masseur had to leave us due to strain injuries and we are now looking for a professional, flexible and business orientated new masseur to massage our customers.  You´ll be working as an entrepreneur and we offer to rent you the facilities.

If you´re interested, please contact us!

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