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We want to bring quality to every members start. That is why we offer our members a workout plan and gym equipment guidance free of charge. With this we make sure that you are working out right, being safe and getting the best results all the way from the start.


PERSONAL TRAINING is an instructed gym workout. With a PT you can make your training easy

and efficient with the right results without having to worry whether you are doing the right kind of workouts. A PT is your personal trainer and helps you to achieve your goals. All our personal trainers are professionals and have real training and long term experience with clients to make your journey the best it can be.

Join in!

You can easily buy your desired membership on our website. You will then get a personal pass code via email, which you can use to come to our gym as soon as possible. You can use the pass code, until you receive your tag in the post, within about 1 week.

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