Maksutavat (EN)

Payment methods

Pay using vouchers


Vouchers can be used to pay for future invoices. If you have any open invoices, they must be paid normally. CVoucherss are to be place in the mailbox next to the office. Put your coupons in an envelope with your information. Remember to sign them.

Online products can be handles easily on our web service. Choose your gym location and fill in the wanted amount(€). Send in your receipt via email and you will get a confirmation email once your inquiry is processed. Processing time 1-3 weeks.

Open invoices cannot be paid for by vouchers, they are for future invoices.

We recommend your make an e-voice contract with your bank to avoid paper billing and the extra 5€ handling fee.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website form or via email.