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Terms and conditions

1. Membership

Power Gym services require a membership which you can obtain and purchase by filling in a membership form on our website. Choose a suitable membership for you, either fixed-term or a yearly membership. All memberships are personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else´s use. Members under the age of 18 can join in with the permission of one´s parent or care taker. Min. age requirement is 15 years old. Becoming a member requires a starting fee, monthly fee or a yearly fee, depending on the membership you choose.

Memberships include use of the gym facilities at all times within the opening hours of the gym. Personal training and gym equipment instructions only apply to those memberships where they are mentioned.

The starting fee will not be returned at any given time. A member must inform the gym about any changes to their name, address, phone number, email or account number.

All members must follow the Power Gym rules, regulations and gym equipment instructions and all training is under one´s own responsibility. A member must be aware that faculty are not always present at the gym and Power Gym is not responsible for any damages and all members are responsible for any damages or belongings lost. Members are responsible for their own insurance.

All memberships are temporarily valid, except the 10 time card and 3 month membership cards.

All memberships can only be ended with a resignation notice via email The resignation notice must inform the date and reason for resignation.

The resignation date will end at the next billing period, which is about 4 weeks. The shortest possible membership is 8 weeks.

Yearly membership is valid from the day the member has paid for their yearly membership fee in full. The yearly membership is valid for a fixed period of  one year and resignation is not possible within that time. The yearly membership can be renewed, ended or changed to another kind of fixed-period once the first year of membership has come to an end. The member will receive a new invoice automatically once the new season begins. if you do not want to continue your membership please notify us via email and we will cancel the invoice.

2. Membership fees

The member is responsible for all payment of invoices and has to make sure they are paid for on time. For under aged members, the parents and care takers are responsible for taking care of the billing. Memberships fees are taken care of according to the member agreements and must be paid according to the valid pricing.

Power Gym has the right to transfer any unpaid fees to a collecting agency and has the right to claim for any extra fees due to this. If a member gets a reminder from a collecting agency, the member must pay for all fees according to the collecting agencies requirements.

Power Gym has the right to end a membership if any fees are neglected, or the member disobeys any contract terms, safety rules and/or regulations.

Power Gym has the right to end a membership if the member is found to be under the influence of any performance enhancements, alcohol or drugs.

The member has the right to resign from their membership contract due to pregnancy, joining the army or any severe illness or injury. These require doctor/enrollment or other documents.

3. Membership card:

The member card is personal. The card must be with you at the gym at all times and you are not allowed to let anyone else enter the gym. If the card is lost, immediately inform us at

If the card is used by someone else or used wrongly in any other way, or if the card is lost and not been informed by email notice, you will be fined 100€/time. This may also lead to your membership being declined.

Power Gym has the right to any fee changes and changes in the terms of the contracts. Prices and terms of contact can be found on our website. Whether Power Gym has to close down fully or partially for the duration of gym maintenance or any other similar reasons, the Power Gym is not obligated to refund any fees to members and clients.