Ryhmäliikunnan tuntikuvaukset (EN)

Group exercise classes

Altering classes

Various different kinds of classes; body control, muscle training, spinning, dance and yoga. You can find our classes in our reservation calendar 2 weeks in advance. Altering classes change every week.

Circuit workout1

6-8 weeks changing circuit workout that is performed by yourself or within a group. 2-5 rounds. Instructions are given by our faculty members at the front desk.

Circuit workout2

This class includes steps to raise your heartbeat, along with efficient and clear muscle training and body control exercises. Includes, warm up, circuit workout and cooling down. Various steps are efficient and give you an energetic workout at your own pace. Suitable for everyone, at the gym, in a group or outside.

Fitness workout

Diverse and suitable for everyone of all ages meant to strengthen your whole body, raise your heart bet and get a good sweat. This upbeat and efficient class consists of warming up, muscle workout and stretching.

Instructed group

Instructed group class to strengthen your whole body. With the help of a professional instructor and the support of the whole class. Get aquainted with gym equipment and moves.


Pump it up with a barbell to the rhythms of music. A full body workout that is easy to start with quick results.


Core is an efficient middle body workout. Also suitable for beginners.


R-thighs, V-abdomen, P-buttocks. Starts off with warming up and then concentrating on these strong muscle parts of your body. Extra weights can be used to intense your workout. Suitable for everyone.


Kettlebell training is suitable for everyone. In this class we practice body strengthening and functional moves.


Fitbody is an efficient and comprehensive train. In this class we do a full body workout using extra weights. We start off with light warming up using our own weight, a light barbell, or extra weights. We train our core muscles and end with stretches. Suitable for everyone.


Hiit is a full body workout for agility, concentration, muscle strengthening and endurability. In this class we do series of 8-12 steps at a quick pace in 2-3 rounds, to really get your pace going.


Pilates is a body and mind exercise that concentrates on relaxation and strengthening. This class consists of relaxation, concentration, coordination, mobility and muscle strengthening. We concentrate on your middle body, controlling and activating your muscles. The goals in the class are to move your body in balance and concentration. Pilates is a good combination of stretches and efficient muscle training.

Yin Jooga

Yin yoga is based on Chinese mind and body training and yoga. Yin yoga targets your deep connective tissues particularly your spine, back muscles and pelvis. It is a good way to stretch your arms and legs. Positions vary from 1-5 minutes allowing you to tune into both your body and mind. Yin yoga is a relaxing experience and gives your body time to recover. This class is suitable for beginners, sedentary workers as well as active athletes.

Bubbly yoga

A calming instructed group class for body control, balance, mobility exercises with a glass of bubbly in your hand. Suitable for everyone, similar to pilates and yoga.

Upper body

Upper body, neck, shoulder and back is a relaxing body and mind class. To strengthen your posture. Includes mobility exercises, stretches and relaxation.


Fun and efficient! A combination of cumbia, salsa, samba and merengue Latin rhythms. Suitable for everyone, young and old, the Zumba vibe is sure to get you moving and bring you joy.

Zumba Gold

Suitable for beginning Zumba or if you like a more calm rhythm. In Zumba Gold we move in a slower pace and the steps are easier and do not include any jumps.


An energetic and fun dance class that brings a good sweat through various rhythms. Changing upbeat music, Latin rhythm, do the twist and everything in between. We start off with some basic steps and move on to step sequences.


Dancing is fun! A fun way to keep in shape and maintain your basic health. Choreography based dance class which includes various dance styles.


Cycle to musical rhythms while advancing your aerobic and muscular fitness. Spinning is suitable for everyone of all ages and you can easily adjust your bicycle to fit your needs.